2024 Jr Academy – Birdie Level


A Premium Jr Golf Coaching Program

(Birdie Level) includes:

  • 4 Private Coaching Sessions (45 minutes ea.) at Raccoon Creek or indoors at The Divot
  • 6 Supervised Practice Sessions
  • (1) On-course Game Evaluation including review
  • 5 Small-group Clinics
  • (1) 9-hole On-Course Small-group playing sessions
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Goal setting session
  • $100 in Range Ball Credits and subsequent discounts at Raccoon Creek
  • Access to 4, 9-hole complimentary practice rounds
  • Remote talk, text and video coaching (through V1 app)

Please Contact Don Graham with questions. dgraham@raccooncreek.com  720-287-8185


Junior Academy Coaching Features:   

  • Private coaching sessions – 1 on 1 coaching utilizing illustrated video swing analysis on the driving range or at The Divot indoor facility, followed by a narrated video recap
  • Supervised practices – 1 hour sessions – I will be present to monitor students and reinforce proper technique. Range balls included! Weekly Sessions offered from Mid April – Mid August.
  • On-course Observation/Evaluations – I will observe play on the course and follow up with recommendations on technique, strategy, mental process, and procedure. 1hour each
  • Small group clinics – Up to 6 Students – Weekly scheduled 45-minute singular topic clinics. Students will learn proper techniques and receive individual feedback. Weekly sessions from April – Mid-August
  • On-Course Small Group playing session – Join me for an on-course playing session for up to 4 players where we can discuss and practice specific situations, pre-shot routine and mental approach. Green fees included
  • Equipment Evaluation – We will review each club in your set to determine if and how it fits your game
  • Goal setting / performance review – We will discuss what is next for your game and how to get there
  • Remote Talk, Text, and Video coaching – Contact me for a final pre-tournament thought or questions on rules, or my thoughts on a YouTube golf tip! Recap a key shot from your round. Send in self-recorded swing videos for analysis.
  • Decade Golf – I will provide you with 6 months of access to this online training course to better understand how to optimize your targeting and decision-making
  • Access to special complimentary practice rounds – Space in these rounds shared with participants in the High School Prep program – generally on Friday evenings

*Private lesson credits are valid through March of 2025