Thank you for your interest in a charitable donation from Raccoon Creek Golf Course. As we are sure you can imagine, we receive many such requests. Unfortunately, we are only able donate a finite number of rounds annually. As a result, we have established some criteria to help determine the priority among requests to honor:

  • Our top priority is to make donations to groups that we partner with on events held at our Raccoon Creek facilities

  • Our second priority is to honor requests submitted from our ownership group and our team members

  • Our next priority is to consider requests pertaining to golf, especially junior golf and from local school clubs and teams 

  • Additional requests are considered, if availability remains, based in part on the organization’s proximity to the course


While you, no doubt, have an outstanding cause, unfortunately, we are not able to honor all requests due limitations of our donation supply. 


To make an official donation request, please send an email request that includes the following: 

  • Name of your organization and email address for your contact person

  • Day and date of your event

  • Flyer or digital media regarding your event

  • Some brief details about the beneficiaries 


Please email your request (no paper pamphlet requests please) to Don Graham Depending on request volume, we may not be able to respond to every request. 


Unfortunately, we cannot support every worthy cause, but thanks for thinking of Raccoon Creek and best of luck with your fundraising!