PGA Junior League at Raccoon Creek in 2021

PGA Junior League is an introductory competitive team program where players pair up with a partner to compete against pairs from another team in a scramble, match-play format. Scramble is a friendly format where both players hit their tee shot, select the best position, both play from there, select the best position again and so on…through the remainder of the hole. This is an excellent format for newer players as they can move on from a poor shot without too much pressure or consequence. Better players also enjoy this format for the strategic possibilities.

Matches are contested over 9 holes. Each match consists of 3, 3-hole sub-matches or “Flags.” Each “Flag” is worth one point. This generally results in a tight outcome for each match. We will compete against other teams from nearby courses like Inverness, South Suburban GC, Highlands Ranch GC and Littleton Golf and Tennis in both home and away matches. Parents will provide all transportation.
This program is co-sponsored by the PGA of America. Raccoon Creek is planning to host 3 teams of players 13 years old and under (13U) as well as 1 team of players 17 years old and under (17U).

The 13U program is appropriate for players who have some prior golf experience and can hit some shots over 100 yards. We will be providing plenty of instruction and guidance, but players need to bring a maturity level consistent with following instruction so we can create the proper learning environment. Supervision will be provided but players will be need the maturity to work with a partner and their opponents to play safely, fairly and without delay.  
At Raccoon Creek, our emphasis for the program is (in order):
  • Have fun, promote sportsmanship and inclusiveness
  • Learn golf rules, etiquette and match play procedure
  • Develop golf skills
  • Develop a healthy competitive nature
Participants in all of our PGA Junior League Programs will receive:
  • Home and Away team Jerseys with numbers and team name
  • PGA Junior League caps and other t-gifts like a Jr League backpack, bag tag, water bottle and t-shirt
  • 17 Jr. League Experiences adding up to over 30 total hours of PGA Jr League time including:
    • Six – 1-hour Team Lessons which focus on developing golf skills
    • Four – 2-hour on course team practices which focus on etiquette, match rules, developing team skills, strategy, and pace of play
    • 6 official supervised matches (Green Fees and range warm-up included)
  • A 1-hour kickoff/welcome session/clinic for the players and parents at 4pm that immediately follows our Junior Golf Day on April 3rd from 1-3pm
  • A 5-punch card for small buckets to use during practice on your own
  • Season Ending Banquet / Play Day for players and parents
  • Special $10 9-hole rate for players and their immediate family for designated morning or late-day 9-hole play. Rate does not include carts.
The 17U program is appropriate for all graduates of the 13U program. It is also excellent for players with or without high school golf aspirations. We had 5 players from our 2020 team go on to play on High School teams. This is an excellent avenue for players to continue in the game and experience a moderate level of competition. 

Junior League Registration just opened for 2021. Click the link at the bottom and locate the appropriate Raccoon Creek Golf Course program to register.

Cost for 2020 for either the 13U or 17U program is $400.
Practice sessions and home matches will generally be on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. We will consider all requests from parents to place players who are siblings or friends on the same team to make life easier regarding transportation and spectating.

Register Here for the PGA Junior League. At the site, put Raccoon Creek in your search options or scroll down to our programs. 

After players register, we will allow parents to request which team they would like their Junior League Player(s) to participate on. We understand your needs for scheduling based on siblings, car pool, other activities and other parents in the group. We will do our best to accommodate all requests but if we cannot, requests will be honored on a first registered, first served basis.

Practice and Match Days
New for 2021, we will hold lesson sessions for each individual team.  This will keep the numbers down and allow us to maximize individual instruction and practice repetitions. The on-course practices will be with just 2 teams combined.
Here are the tentative practice and lesson schedule details for our different teams:
  • 13U – Bandits will have lessons and practices Sunday afternoons beginning April 18
  • 13U Rowdy Raccoons will have lessons and practices Sunday afternoons beginning April 18
  • 13 U – Creek Crew will have lessons and practices Thursday afternoons beginning April 22
  • 17U Trash Pandas will have lessons and practices Thursday afternoons beginning April 22

All our Home Matches will be scheduled primarily on Friday and Saturday evenings. We have to play the other teams when they have available course time but South Suburban will generally host on Monday mornings. The other teams we are joining for 2021 include Foothills, The Meadows, DUGC (Highlands Ranch) and South Suburban.
Match Schedule to follow soon!