2024 Players Club Dues




The Raccoon Creek Players Club is a competitive and social golf organization that plays a season-long event schedule. Events run from April through October. There are individual and team events. Some team events are assigned partners (paired) and others are pick your own partner (PYOP). Events are primarily on Sunday mornings. See schedule of events for complete details.


Governance and Fees

The Club is governed by a Board of Players Club Members. Players are invited to seek out the Board Members to provide suggestions and feedback or to ask any questions they may have. Current Board members are Iggy, Joe Brady, Gary Schopp and Kevin Monks. Professionals Don Graham and Don Allen are ornery Board Members.


Club Perks

  • Players Club Members receive discounted “Club Rates” when they play golf at Raccoon Creek outside of Players Club events
  • Players Club Members receive 20% off selected stock merchandise in the golf shop
  • Players Club Members receive 10% off food and soft drinks in the farmhouse Restaurant (no discounts on alcohol)


  • All the events are played gross
  • The club has two flights
  • Flight and Tee assignments are made by the Players Club Tournament Committee
  • Players may be reassigned to the other flight at any time by the Committee
  • Individual events will be flighted. Team events will generally be full-field


  • A Flight is typically assigned to the Black Tees with 4 holes typically designated weekly where A players will move up to the Blue tees
  • A Flight Players aged 55 and over are typically assigned to the Black/Blue Combo tees
  • B Flight is typically assigned to the Blue Tees
  • B Flight Players 55 and over are typically assigned to the Blue/White combo tees
  • When we have an imbalance of A and B players during a partner event, the A players playing as B players for that week will play from the Blue tees
  • All players in each flight will play from the same tees during the Club Championship regardless of age
  • The Committee will make all final decisions on tee designations.


Dues, Fees and Payouts

Annual club fees and benefits:

  • $175 Annual Club Dues
  • In addition to the $175 annual club dues fee, a $50 buy-in to the Players Club Ace Pot is due upon initial club entry. The Ace Pot requires an additional $50 re-buy each time a qualifying ace is made. When a qualifying ace is made, everyone in the Players Club will be notified of the requirement to rebuy. If payment is not made within 30 days, your account will be considered delinquent.
  • Players who are delinquent in payment of Annual Dues or Ace Pot may be suspended from entry into further events and from eligibility to win the ace pot until their Player’s club account is current
  • Players will pay an additional fee online or in the golf shop on tournament days to cover green fees, cart fees and supplemental tournament entry
  • On tournament days a cash mandatory side game of $20 will also take place. This Cash payout of the side game will be as follows:
    • $2 for Powerball
    • $4 for proxies
    • $14 for skins
      • During individual flighted events, the skins will be by flight
      • During team events, the skins will be full field


      • Separate payouts for each Flight in individual events or the full field in full field team events
      • Payout for Event Purse is in the form of Shop Credit
      • Payout for the cash side games is in cash